Tang Enyun, formerly known as Tang Shuyun, male, was born on April 14, 1982 in Baiyun District, Guiyang City, Guizhou Province. Since childhood, he loves painting and has a love for Chinese painting immersed in bone marrow. He practices with great concentration and perseverance. He has never been instructed by a famous teacher, nor has he ever worshipped a painting teacher. He has no teacher and no title. Mr. Tang Enyun has never been to an art school, nor to an art correspondence college. With all his efforts and spirit of struggle, he is inspired to comprehend the connotation of painting. In order to draw good paintings, I took my picture book to create paintings in places where there are flowers, grass and birds. When I went there, I painted what I saw, and I earnestly created paintings. For a long time I have been studying freehand flower and bird painting, especially good at fish, shrimp, chicken, myna, eagle, peacock, lotus, peony, purple Teng flower and other flower and bird works. Limited by birth conditions, they have lived in extremely difficult families since childhood. In order to make a living, have done water supply, coal delivery, miners. Coal diggers, almost all kinds of tired and dirty work. But it's a man who refuses to give up. It's hard-working, kind and simple. Stick to your dream, I believe that one day, through unremitting efforts, the spirit of struggle will become a professional artist who achieves artistic achievements. At present, the paintings created are fresh and natural, elegant in style, showing a quiet, peaceful and far-reaching style.


     汤恩云,原名汤树云,男,1982年4月14日出生,贵州省贵阳市白云区人。自幼喜爱绘画,对国画有着浸入骨髓的热爱,潜心练习,坚持不懈。他一直没有名师指点、也没有拜过绘画老师,无师无衔。汤恩云老师没有读过美术学校,也没有上过美术函授学院,全凭努力,奋斗精神,自己灵感领悟绘画内涵。为了画好绘画作品,自己拿着画本去有花有草有鸟的地方写生创作,走到那里、看见什么就画出来、认真创作绘画作品。长期以来一-直研究学习写意花鸟画, 尤擅长鱼、虾、鸡、八哥、老鹰、孔雀、荷花、牡丹、紫滕花等等花鸟作品。因为出生条件限制,从小时候就生活在异常艰苦的家庭。为了谋生、做过送水工、送煤工、挖矿工.挖煤工,什么样的累活脏活几乎都干过。但却是一个不服输的人、滑子里一种勤劳、善良和朴实。坚持自己的梦想,相信总有一天,自己会通过不懈的努力,奋斗精神会成为一个取得艺术成就得职业画家。目前创作的绘画作品清新自然,格调高雅,呈现出宁静祥和,寓意深远的风格的特色。