Wei Yongcheng, pseudonym Shunfu.
Born in 1963. Bachelor degree.
Now he is a member of Chinese Calligrapher Association, director of Guangxi Calligrapher Association, executive vice president of Guilin Yayuan Academy of Calligraphy and Painting, and vice president of Guilin Southern Academy of Calligraphy and Painting.
From Rong for decades, he was successively taught by two famous calligraphers, Wu Chundao and Zhang Yingxue. Studying the ancient ink, learning from the past is not muddy, and exploring a way of modern writing art in line with their own style.
Over the years, he has been teaching in various primary and secondary schools and social organizations, and has been well received by his classmates. At the same time, it is active in various kinds of pen festivals and competitions at home and abroad, and highly praised by experts, judges and colleagues. Works are collected by units and individuals! The works are dignified, handsome, beautiful and handsome. They cover a wide range of subjects and enjoy both elegance and vulgarity. They have a strong modern flavor. Especially his grassroots works, like the magnificent mountains, the surging rivers, the foundation of pine and cypress, like the galloping of ten thousand horses, running clouds and running water, are magnificent.