Deputy director of the Han Tian TV station in the United States, a famous painter.
Bai Li, a master of space art design, is currently Deputy Director of Hantian TV and director of Asia-Pacific Operations Center. Ms. Bai Li was born in Beijing, a famous historical and cultural city in China (Kaifeng City, Henan Province, China). Since childhood, he loved painting art. In his early years, he traveled to Europe, Australia, North America and lived in Russia for a long time. He studied European Impressionism and Cubist art. Later, he was engaged in fur painting art and space aesthetic design. His Monographs on fur painting and space aesthetics were favored and highly appraised by buyers in Europe, North America and the Middle East. He was praised as "The Oriental Female Picasso!"
Ms. Bai Li's artistic attainments are accompanied by today's Hantan TV station in the United States. With her profound cultural background and keen business insight, the station has been awarded the title of "Top Ten Chinese Television Stations in the United States". As always, Ms. Baili has been at the forefront of the commercial kingdom, which is created by artistic value and combined with vivid Impressionism and cubist art.