Pei Taiping, the character Taian, the owner of Fujishizhai, was born in 1939 in Yuncheng, Shanxi Province. He is a famous calligrapher, seal Carver and sculptor. When he was a child, he visited famous home families and his grandfather did business in his early years. He was asked to be named Taiping by famous politicians, educators and calligraphers of modern and contemporary China. Maybe it was destined, and from then on it was bound up with calligraphy.
His seal Book imitates Erli, golden wire, calm and restrained, but in art he has more consideration and thinking, beautiful structure, restraint and stretching; delicate and powerful lines, aesthetic and noble.
After years of refinement, his Li Shu has formed his own unique artistic style, showing his broad mind in bold and fluent, glimpsing his simple and natural nature in graceful and magnificent, and reflecting his pursuit of romantic freedom in rational restraint.
The thousand-year-old book is based on the grass seal, and once it exploded the ink on the maroon monkey.
Fujishi Zhai Lian
Inspired by Zhang Daqian's technique of "splashing colors", Pei Taiping created "explosive ink method" on the basis of traditional calligraphy ink, which was praised as "the first person of Chinese explosive ink art" by the calligraphy circle. The technique of blasting ink greatly expands the expressive power of words and the aesthetic feeling of calligraphy through the change of the color of ink. The shape of "Jiulong" written with explosive ink technique is different, which can show scales and armor, which is exciting. The image of "Twelve Zodiac" written with explosive ink is vivid and vivid, showing the texture of animal fur, which is unique.
Pei Taiping is known as the leader of the Sanjin Calligraphy Association. He serves as Vice-Chairman of the World Association of Chinese Calligraphers, Chairman of the World Committee of Chinese Seal Carving Arts, Dean of the Dennett Academy of Calligraphy and Painting in Hong Kong, Vice-President of the Yellow River Grass Calligraphy Academy in China, Senior Research Fellow of the General's Academy of Calligraphy and Painting, and Honorary Chairman of the World Federation of
Representatives: In 2009, in celebration of the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, 209M Longevity Picture Volume, which lasted 10 months in a rare year, Chinese Dragon and Zodiac of the Twelve, etc., were created to celebrate the successful landing of Chang'e-3 on the Moon, which was full of scientific spirit, and patriotism to safeguard the territorial integrity of the motherland. His works include Diaoyu Island of China, Long Couplet of Stork Tower and Long Couplet of Grand View Tower.



        因受张大千“泼彩”技法的启发,裴太平在传统书法用墨的基础上创造了“爆墨法”,被书法界誉为“中华爆墨艺术第一人” 。爆墨技法通过墨色的浓淡层次的变化,极大的拓展了文字的表现力和书法的美感。用爆墨技法书写的“九龙”形态各异,可展示出鳞片和铠甲,令人心神振奋;爆墨书写“十二生肖”形象生动,活灵活现,可展示出动物的皮毛纹理,可谓独树一帜。