Yu Huiying, female, best-selling author, producer, screenwriter, printmaker, master of art, doctor of management psychology. Founder of Beijing Tinglan Culture, Chairman of China of World Green Climate Organization, Chairman of Beijing Tinglan Culture Investment Management Co., Ltd., Editorial Board of Creator Times, an entrepreneurship magazine. Born in Dazu District, Chongqing in 1980, he graduated from the Fine Arts College of Chongqing Normal University as a graduate student in the field of woodcut art and Bayu culture. He has a Ph.D. in management psychology from the Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and was a professional painter of Chongqing Qijiang Farmer Printing Academy.
Pan Yuliang, a female painter of the Republic of China, wrote an artistic commentary on the death of Forget I, which was published on pages 42 to 45 of the 12th issue of China Collection magazine in 2016.
The calligraphy works "Hard Jade Can Be Stone, Leaves Can Be Flowers in Autumn" and "No Way farther than Foot, No Mountain Higher than Man" participated in the cultural exchange activities between China and Korea in 2016 and won the Special Contribution Award for the cultural exchange between China and Korea.
Xueyuan Publishing House publishes a pen-and-ink picture album "Seven Days of Love in Stone-such as Dazu", "Seven Days of Love in the City", "Seven Days of Love in the Woman's Soul", "Seven Days of Love in the Woman's Soup-Please Keep Your Disabled Love", "Seven Days of Fantasy-Songs of Life and Death", and a best-selling eloquence book "Talking Movable when Opening-Communication Art Necessary for Leaders to Know Shu, published the best-selling psychological book "Side Writer: Using Criminal Psychology to Crack Social Codes".