Huang Yaping was born in Beijing in 1952. Since childhood, he has loved calligraphy. He has been pursuing Li and Kai for decades. He has been personally instructed by Mr. Liu Bingsen and is currently a specially invited calligrapher of Tianzhi Moyuan International Academy of Calligraphy and Painting. He is a member of China Couplet Association, Hebei Calligrapher Association, China List Calligrapher Association, and Chinese College Calligrapher Association. He is a first-class calligrapher and vice president of Beijing Hengyazhai International Academy of Calligraphy and Painting.
He participated in many Chinese Calligraphy Competitions and won the Gold Prize of Li Shu. He won the Gold Prize in the National Calligraphy and Painting Competition to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the 1911 Revolution and the Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. With Li Shuxinjing, it was collected by Baima Temple, Lingyin Temple, Hanshan Temple. His works are deeply loved by entrepreneurs and international friends. And collect. Now he has been employed as a calligraphy creator by many painting clubs (Hanmoxuan, Chaohua, Huaxia)
Huang Yaping persisted in learning calligraphy and worked hard in learning Li Shu. The style of writing is simple and honest. The Chinese traditional culture is profound, and adheres to the position of national tradition with the teacher's artistic view, and strives for new development on the basis of inheritance, respecting the appreciation habit of the creative nation. Moreover, they earnestly study, absorb, melt and develop the style of ancient and modern official scripts and pursue truth, goodness and beauty. They oppose falsehood, evil and ugliness. Huang Yaping's Li Shu has aesthetic practical art, which is also a typical example of Li Shu art. The art of Li Shu is the freedom of spirit. The art of Li Shu and the pure creativity of beauty and spirit are the creative rationality in the concealed and high-level zone near the soul center. In this creative rationality, the intellect of the soul, which is the only source of all the forces of the soul, carries out its activities and combines them with all forces. This is Mr. Huang Yaping's calligraphy art, aesthetic transcendence