Jeremy Lipking
His talents are comparable to those of the realist painters of the late 19th century, such as John Singh Sargent, Jacqueline Soloria and Anderszorn. Because he is so young and so excellent that he has boundless prospects. His oil painting expressed the peculiar image from the field of painting.
Realism was misinterpreted as an imitation of art in the twentieth Century. In fact, through the operation of Lipking and other artists, realistic painting has a strong creativity. Many of the viewers were brought into the picture and his paintings looked like a picture at first. In fact, Lipking's vision is the opposite of camera. A photo flatten the image and reduce the processing relationship between the colors. The shadow looks very stiff.
The skill of Lipking is that he can detect objects in his paintings. His eyes are highly sensitive, and he can see the subtleties of value and tone that cameras and many people can't see. What he can't believe is that he can draw out the nuances. Lipking's painting is realistic because his picture is fluent. See his paintings can enter the world he created. Like all great realists, he has a strong imagination.