Curriculum vitae
Huang Good Hong, pen cultivation more than 30 years, was born in Yangchun City, Guangdong Province, the town of Huangqi village, poor family, alias Huangjia, Huang Lin, Huang Yuanyu, Yangchun City, Guangdong Province, Xi Qi pai and factions, good long painting of water and ink shrimp, pen landscape flowers, craft and carbon sperm portraits, etc., has been tsinghua University School of Fine Arts Professor Chen Hui, "People's Daily overseas edition" Professor Yao Yannan, Professor Li Songchen, Lin Wei, Li Jianchang, Wei Kieran, Liang Rongchao, Huang Li, Lin Hanyang, and so on teachers to teach and inspire!
Now the Chinese Painters Association, the Chinese Book painters association, the national level artists, the Chinese artists association, Yangchun City Artists Association, China Art Mall, China Art Collection Magazine, Beijing Yihai Danqing Academy of Painting and Painting Honorary Director, Shenzhen Hemolu Louvre Signed artists.
   Representative works include "Kowloon Ascendas" "Kowloon Xingrui" "Making A Cow Map" "Flowers and Rich" "Homeland Mountains and Waters", many works by domestic and foreign collectors and art lovers collection Personal honor: the global and national calligraphy and painting competition has won the gold and silver award many times, 2019 contemporary writers and painters on behalf of the composition library won the first prize, 2019 Sino-Russian Friendship Art Exhibition Bronze Award, works "Making cattle" and "Kowloon Ascending" by the Chinese and Russian Art Museum collection