curriculum vitae
Born into a family of education, he loved ink from childhood, grasped ancient and modern Chinese paintings, and inherited fine art. Just because of the reason for the work, the years have passed so far, looking back on his own armor and regaining his father's teaching. Give your best work and share it with the world today. It is a member of the Jianyang District Senior Calligraphy and Painting Research Association. In 2018, he participated in the "Ninth National Calligraphy and Painting Art Competition" and the "True Trace Cup" National Exhibition of Famous Chinese Paintings. " It was also archived by the "Painter Encyclopedia" and participated in the "2018" "Four Seas Cup" at home and abroad poetry and calligraphy Invitational tournament, and was selected by China Post's "New Age Chinese role model character" stamp book and won the "Honor Certificate"! In June 2019, it was absorbed as a member by Beijing Zhongxuan Shengshi International Painting and Calligraphy Institute. Have national first-class art master qualifications, and obtain a certificate!